Illustrated Historical Essays About Selected Industrial & Transportation Heritage Sites in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

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Preserving the heritage of "The Standard Railroad of the World" for future generations

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Interstate Commerce Commission Valuation Maps in .pdf format scanned from the collection of Friends of the East Broad Top. These maps include updates made during the 1930s to originals prepared ca. 1917 and reflect the narrow gauge mainline and branches at that time.

Last Updated:  February 7, 2018

The "essentials" on how iron was made in the Nineteenth Century

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Photo essays on Transportation & Industrial Historical Sites maintained by the U.S. Park Service and the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission

Source of the First American Iron Rails

An Essay by Patrick Stakem

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Home-built Locomotives for the Cumberland & Pennsylvania RR

An Essay by Patrick Stakem

The 501.c.3 non-profit historical society dedicated to preserving and restoring the East Broad Top Railroad National Historic Landmark.

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History, Maps, and Photos of the East Broad Top Railroad's Parent Company